About Us

Welcome to the world of Set Ayat House, where Nicole Gosserand, also known as Yetundei, brings her talents and passion for skincare to help women with dry skin and skin issues caused by hormonal changes. Born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana, Nicole relocated to New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina led her to make Houston, Texas her home alongside her husband and four daughters.

Yetundei's journey with Set Ayat House began during the pandemic when she recognized the power of her existing skills and experiences. With a 25-year background in healthcare and 20 years as a vegan, she discovered the potential of plant-based ingredients in healing her daughter's eczema. This realization ignited her entrepreneurial spirit and drove her to create a business that combines her expertise in healthcare with her passion for natural, plant-based solutions.

The name 'Set Ayat' holds deep meaning for Yetundei. It signifies the role of a grandmother, a role she proudly embraces to her granddaughter, Makhia. Just like grandmothers, Set Ayat House aims to heal and nurture, not just within her own family, but also within the broader community.

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